Refill Instructions

Little Creek Gel Candle Refills

Refills have been completely redesigned for easier peeling out of the cups. The refills now have a release additive which will make peeling the cup off extremely easy and refills shelf life longer.


  • Wipe out excess gel and film; inner jar must be free of debris. Do NOT remove your inner jar.
  • Peel back all sides and bottom of your refill container, leaving only your gel mold. This is like peeling an orange. Some scents are stickier than others and may require more effort removing the Styrofoam.
  • Push gel refill into inner jar of candles. The gel will have a slightly white look, this is normal and will go away after lighting the candle and the gel will be clear again.
  • Pull wick as straight as possible and cut to 1/4 inch. (Wick may bend or slightly move to one side, but do not let it touch the side completely)
  • A complete list of these directions is on the lid of your refill.

Refills are Gel votives. The refills are easy to insert and you can try different scents in your Little Creek Candle.

  • Store refills upright, out of direct heat and sun and in a cool dry place
  • Prior to use, place your refill in the refrigerator for just 5 minutes
  • Ocean candle cannot be refilled. There is no liner available for this design.