Gel Information

Little Creek Gel Candle Facts

  • Burn time 100+ hours
  • A second glass to ensure safe burning separates natural fruits and potpourri
  • Gel candles burn five times longer than paraffin wax
  • We use PENRICO Gel, the only patented mineral oil base product, for 100% safety
  • All wicks are non-toxic, non-smoking and 100% cotton
  • Wicks are self-trimming (DO NOT CUT YOUR WICK )
  • All fragrances are safety tested, concentrated designer types

Burning your gel candle

  • Burning your candle for more than 3-4 hours will reduce your overall burn time.
  • Extended burning for more than 6 hours may cause the inner glass to shift or release from the bottom.
  • Do not trim your wick. The wicks may drown into the gel if this is done.
  • Ocean design, pumpkin design and snowman are non-refillable designs.
  • You can return jars after they are burnt and receive $5.00 off of a new candle at any of our craft shows