Car Jar Air Fresheners


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8oz Evaporating Gel with vented lids to freshen small enclosed places that you cannot burn candles. Great in your car’s cup holders! Can also be used in closets, and small bathrooms.
Evaporates slowly in 12-14 weeks. You can replenish and slow down the evaporation rate by adding small amounts of water to make it last even longer.

Current stock on air fresheners is very limited at this time. Availability will increase in summer of 2021.
Some scents will be out of stock until that time.

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Weight 1.3 lbs

Coconut Lemongrass, Country Apple & Spice, My Summer Evening (Jaguar), Odor Eliminator, Pears & Berries, Sandalwood/Vanilla, Spa, Stress Relief (Lavender)