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*Denotes a season fragrance as noted.
Mango & Papaya Refill $6.00
Mango & Papaya (bath and body type). Tangy, sweet, juicy - a tropical favorite.
My Summer Evening (Jaquar) Refill $6.00
An energizing, mysterious and powerful masculine, clean scent.
Mulberry Refill $6.00
Classic mulberry has proven to be a bestseller all year. A great gift for someone you are not sure which scent they prefer.
Pears & Berries Refill $6.00
A sharp combination of sweet pears and ripe raspberries, a refreshing scent. (Bath & Body Works type)
Oceans Refill $6.00
A breeze off the ocean thats going to make you wish you were there (Pier 1 type).
Oceans Candle is NOT REFILLABLE. Use this refill to replace the scent in another of our refillable designs.
Pine Needle Refill $6.00
A strong clean pine, like walking through a pine forest.
Plumeria Refill $6.00
A popular, sensual Hawaiian floral aroma. (Bath & Body Works type)
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