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Candles are handmade and may differ slightly from pictures.
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*Denotes a season fragrance as noted.
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Specialty Items
Little Creek Candles
Black Cherry Refill $6.00
A bowl full of sweet, sun-kissed, black cherries. (strong scent).
Christmas Tree Refill $6.00
Everything Christmas, Pine scent with a special Christmas clean mix.
Citronella Refill $6.60
As repelling to bugs as the pure liquid substance.
Concord Grape Refill $6.00
The finest ripened wine grapes.
Cool Citrus Basil Refill $6.00
Very clean and fresh scent. (Bath & Body Works type)
Cotton Blossoms Refill $6.00
A fresh clean blend of cotton, mandarin blossoms, freesia & peonies.
Country Apple Spice Refill $6.00
Fresh baked apples with cinnamon sprinkles.
Cranberry Spice Refill $6.00
Rich woody bouquet with tart cranberry and Christmas spice. *Fall
Coconut Lime Verbena Refill $6.00
Fresh coconuts, limes and fragrant verbena, warmed by vanilla and musk.(Bath & Body Works type)
Cucumber/Melon Refill $6.00
(Bath & Body Type) Honeydew melon base with cucumber added to give it a nice clean aroma.
Fresh Bamboo Refill $6.00
Aroma therapy light Bath and Body type. This design has a dragonfly in it. *Seasonal: Not available in the fall.
Fresh Cut Roses Refill $6.00
Fragrant rose bushes in the morning still wet with dew.
Fruit Slices Refill $6.00
A wonderful blend of the summer citrus fruits.