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Candles are handmade and may differ slightly from pictures.
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*Denotes a season fragrance as noted.
Sandalwood/Vanilla $22.00
Warm, rich, sweet, woody and soft.
Storm Night (snowflake) $22.00
A fresh, cool breeze. *Fall
Storm Night $22.00
A fresh, cool breeze. Great for summer. Only available in the see horse design with star fish.
Honeysuckle $22.00
A blooming array of sunshine. A warm gentle floral mix.
Sweet Pea $22.00
A sweet and delicate scent of sweet pea flowers. (Bath & Body Works type)
Vanilla $22.00
A comforting, creamy, smooth vanilla scent.
Witch's Flight (patchouli) $22.00
A spicy, earthy, patchouli blend, very strong nature type.
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